Dirty Persian Rugs vs Rug Washing Pro

by Sydney Pro

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Do you have a Oriental rug that maybe a family heirloom? Or have you just acquired a new rug and want to know the best way to look after it? Or maybe your your regular rug just needs a spring clean but you don’t have the space or time to do it?

Oriental Rug Care Australia offers you a knowledgeable approach to the care and cleaning of your rugs. Oriental Rug Care Australia exclusively specialises in the cleaning, washing, salvage and restoration of your Oriental rugs including Persian, Kilms, Dhurries, soumaks and many more kinds of rugs.

The existence of carpet weaving dates back to 500B.C and still today is considered a work of art. At Oriental Rug Care Australia we appreciate your rugs value and recognise that it needs the right care and attention, proving our passion by only cleaning rugs exclusively.

At Oriental Rug Care Australia, we go that extra mile and offer free pick up and delivery of your rug with a pre-inspection and our recommendations for cleaning your individual rug. We use traditional and modern techniques for the best cleaning results and have researched the correct products to provide optimal preservation of your rug.

Our website provides additional information that you can administer yourself to make sure your valuable investment lasts.

We understand the value of Oriental and Persian rugs. Please call us today for an over the phone appraisal or visit our rug washing website for more information.