Oriental Rug Resources

by Sydney Pro

The internet is one of the best resources to consult when you are going to buy a new Oriental rug, but it is important that you get the right advice. Here are some blogs and websites that we recommend.

http://www.rugs-oriental.net/ – A really comprehensive resource for Oriental rugs. This will help you identify the types of rugs, and will give you all the information you will need before you split with your hard earned.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persian_carpet – A great history section on Persian rugs, and helps you understand how they developed through the centuries.

http://www.orientalrugcare.com.au/Spot-Stain-Removal/Rug-Stain-Chart.htm – Our spot stain removal chart. We think that it is the best on the web.

http://bennettdirect.com.au/home.php – Provides a lot of insights into the cleaning chemicals used for rug cleaning.

Hope these help.